Shawn Booth

Cinematic Lighting Artist

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Tell us a bit about yourself.

I'm Booth (Shawn Booth) and I am a lighter. I spent fifteen years living my dream of working as a filmmaker in Hollywood. Two years ago, I jumped into my pursuit of becoming a game dev which led me to GSO. I am constantly pushing myself to master Unreal and continue learning and honing my craft.

What is your current/past job and responsibility? 

In the past, I worked as a cameraman and editor in film and television. Today, I work as a contract lighting and cinematics artist in game development, most recently lighting cinematics on Just Cause 4 at Avalanche Studios NY. 

How did GSO help you?

GSO helped fill in some of the blanks I had due to self teaching. It helped me establish the beginnings of my game development network. The school helped me identify and work on my weaknesses both in art and social interaction. GSO brought focus to my endeavors as I began my game developer career. The support from my fellow students and scholars has been crucial in persevering as I learned my craft and started my first job as a lighter.

How would you recommend students to best utilize GSO?

In my opinion, the best way to utilize all that GSO offers is to participate in the Discord channels often. Posting WIPs for community review helps with receiving feedback, improving in preparation for scholar critique and in general, as well as working on key communication skills leads to quick development of the students as they work towards their goals. As with anything, working hard is also vital.