Unreal BootCamp 

Make three video games in three weeks and learn Unreal!

Week 1

The Basics

We'll take the absolute beginner and teach them the basics how to use Unreal 4 to make games in unreal 4. The building blocks learned here will be all you need to know to follow along with the following 3 lessons. 


Week 2

Create a Platformer

Learn about making a character, gravity, obstacles and enemies in this course designed to show you how to make side scroller platform games. 


Week 3

Create a First-Person Shooter

We step it up a notch this week and show you how you can use Unreal 4 to make your own first person shooter games. We'll show you about level design, lighting, and enemies this week. 


Week 4

Create a Third-Person Game

We'll finish it off with a 3rd person game. This week's content will teach you how to make adventure style games. You'll learn how to make a hero, give them animations and build a world for them to explore.