GSO Environment Art Challenge #01

Racing in Space

DEADLINE is DECEMBER 31st, 2017 @ 11:30 PM PST



Welcome to GSO’s first ever Environment art challenge! This art challenge is all about Hard Surface Art. We are looking for the baddest Vehicle in the galaxy! The theme of this challenge is “Post Apocalyptic.” You will be required to do a high poly render with good lighting and simple materials applied.




So we are looking for the best bike that will destroy the competition. Will your vehicle be built for speed, power, or handling? You decide! There are no poly limit and you can use any renders for your final shots.



If you don’t stick to the rules, your entry will be disqualified:

  • Do not use any environment or meshes that isn’t yours

  • You’re free to use any renderers to get your final shot

Judging Criteria

All entries will be reviewed by Brandon Pham, GSO’s resident environment instructor. Your entry will be judged on the following:

  • Mood, storytelling, and personality

  • Artistic achievement

  • Quality of final render


  • 2 screenshots of your entry showing final space vehicle; choose only the two BEST screenshots to submit, they should have good composition! Final high quality screenshots must be 1920x1080

  • Submit all work in the #homework tab under the Environment Channel in Discord. Pin your post for review!


  1. Can I use any 3d Program?
    You can use any program or combination of programs to make your project.

  2. Can I use existing concept art?
    No, this must be your own creation. You can be ‘inspired’ by existing work but we are looking at creativity here as one of the judging points.

  3. Can I submit several entries?
    No, since time is limited put your best effort into one p

  4. What if I have questions about the challenge that aren’t answered here?
    Feel free to ask any questions in our Discord channel!