GSO Workshop 12/14 @ 8PM PST!


Want to learn how to become an animator?

Veara Suon ( is currently a Sr. Animator at Double Negative. He has worked in both the movie industry and game industry on the biggest recognized properties. He has been at Weta, ILM, Sony, and Digital Domain working on movies like the Avengers, Pacific Rim 2, Spiderman: Homecoming, and Captain America: Civil War. Before transitioning to the movie industry he was at Bungie working Desitiny and at 2K shipping Bioshock 2. This workshop will be about:

Animating in Games and Movies
1) Techniques working in movies and games
2) Student advice to getting into games or games
3) Advice to professionals transitioning into movies or games
4) Relocating to where the jobs are
5) Q & A

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