Winter Registration 2018 Begins!


Open Enrollment Starts Now


The wait is over, the first batch of enrollment is now available for (LT_001, EA_101, and UE_101). This is the first window open and will remain open for the week. So do not hesitate and sign up now with your friends! 

It's important to note that these are the beginner courses that all students have to take to advance to other courses. 

All Courses Start.jpg

Advancing Students...

Students who have taken the beginning courses and are looking to advance to LT_101, LT_102, EA_102, EA_103 should know the rules by now. Only students that are approved by Scholars can either move forward or asked to repeat courses.

Submissions should be made in the #homework channel in the respective disciplines (environment, lighting, and unreal) and pinned by the student for Scholar review. An email will be sent out on January 7th to notify students that will be advancing or asked to repeat the beginner courses.

What should be pinned? Students should pin all homework assignment images or final renders to qualify. Deadline to submit has to be made before January 1st to qualify for the Winter Semester.


By becoming a member or pro member you will have regular access to Scholar sessions for the month as well as access to all the Episodes in the GSO Vault. These are the upcoming sessions for the week.


Reserve a Scholar Now!

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