GSO Internship Program!


Today, we are proud to announce the beginning of something really special, the GSO Internship Program. This is a newly added benefit of becoming a  Pro Member. A team of pro member students will be accepted into our internship program to work on real client projects and have a chance to put professional pieces in their portfolio at no extra cost! On top of still being able to meet with your Scholar for private lectures, students accepted in this program will be working with Scholars to tackle on big client work and be part of a live simulated game studio.

Game School Online has always been built to connect AAA industry professionals with students worldwide for best-in-class education. So that students can be prepared to enter the work force armed with the skills necessary to succeed in the industry with no student debt. Now with the GSO Internship Program we are one step closer to supplying our students with their first job with major clients. 

If you are as excited as we are of the potential of this then first become a pro member and Direct Message @bpham on Discord for more details. Good Luck!

Game School Online™ Announces Winter Enrollment Open Through December



Los Angeles, CA - December 2017

Free Winter Term Enrollment!

Free Winter Enrollment:

Game School Online™, the first and only free online game development school of its kind, has opened enrollment for the winter term, which begins in January of 2018. GSO™ currently offers curricula in environment art and lighting for games, focusing specifically on Unreal Engine 4. GSO™ will be adding two new courses for the winter term, “Advanced Lighting Concepts with Unreal Engine 4” and “Advanced Hard Surface Modeling.”

Free Workshop!


December Free Workshop:

In addition to winter enrollment, GSO™ will have a free online workshop, “Animating For Games and Movies”, with Veara Suon, Senior Animator at Double Negative. Veara has worked in the AAA games industry, working on franchises like Destiny and Bioshock. Veara also works in the film industry, having worked for famed studios like Weta, ILM, and Sony, contributing to films like Pacific Rim 2, Spiderman, and Avengers. In this month’s free GSO™ workshop, Veara will be discussing topics such as:

  • Sharing techniques on how he animates for games and film

  • Advice on how students can get a job in games or film

  • Advice on how working professionals can switch from games to film, and vice versa

  • Job relocation

The workshop will last for an hour, with allocated time for Q & A from the audience. The workshop will take place on December 14 at 8pm PST. As usual, our monthly workshops are absolutely free and anyone is welcomed to join us. To RSVP, please visit our Facebook page here:

Scholars Available For Mentoring!

Scholar Lineup:

Scholars are our mentors, working industry professionals currently working on your favorite games and franchises- here to help you learn to be a professional game dev, with one on one live private sessions. Our current lineup of scholars includes:


We believe that education should be free for everyone! Come join us at Game School Online™ and see what the future of game development education looks like today! For more information about Game School Online™, available courses, scholars, and events, please visit


Twitter: @GSOscholar



About Game School Online™ (GSO™)

Game School Online™ is the first ever, completely free game development training program. GSO™ was founded by veteran developers working in the AAA games and entertainment industries. Featuring courses authored by working industry professionals, students are able to learn production techniques and workflows used to ship some of the biggest IPs and AAA franchises. Industry pros known as “scholars”, work with students providing private live sessions to help you become “industry” ready. All courses are available for free, no trials or demos- it’s completely free for anyone that wants to learn how to become a skilled game developer. For more information, please visit our website:

Game School Online™ and GSO™ are registered trademarks Game School Online, LLC. All other brand names, product names or trademarks belong to their respective holders.



Game School Online, LLC.

GSO Workshop 12/14 @ 8PM PST!


Want to learn how to become an animator?

Veara Suon ( is currently a Sr. Animator at Double Negative. He has worked in both the movie industry and game industry on the biggest recognized properties. He has been at Weta, ILM, Sony, and Digital Domain working on movies like the Avengers, Pacific Rim 2, Spiderman: Homecoming, and Captain America: Civil War. Before transitioning to the movie industry he was at Bungie working Desitiny and at 2K shipping Bioshock 2. This workshop will be about:

Animating in Games and Movies
1) Techniques working in movies and games
2) Student advice to getting into games or games
3) Advice to professionals transitioning into movies or games
4) Relocating to where the jobs are
5) Q & A

Upcoming Scholar Sessions this Week!


Awesome Student Progress!

Be sure to participate and join us in Discord to see awesome student progress! This journey is only easier with friends!

GSO Environment Art Challenge #01

Racing in Space

DEADLINE is DECEMBER 31st, 2017 @ 11:30 PM PST



Welcome to GSO’s first ever Environment art challenge! This art challenge is all about Hard Surface Art. We are looking for the baddest Vehicle in the galaxy! The theme of this challenge is “Post Apocalyptic.” You will be required to do a high poly render with good lighting and simple materials applied.




So we are looking for the best bike that will destroy the competition. Will your vehicle be built for speed, power, or handling? You decide! There are no poly limit and you can use any renders for your final shots.



If you don’t stick to the rules, your entry will be disqualified:

  • Do not use any environment or meshes that isn’t yours

  • You’re free to use any renderers to get your final shot

Judging Criteria

All entries will be reviewed by Brandon Pham, GSO’s resident environment instructor. Your entry will be judged on the following:

  • Mood, storytelling, and personality

  • Artistic achievement

  • Quality of final render


  • 2 screenshots of your entry showing final space vehicle; choose only the two BEST screenshots to submit, they should have good composition! Final high quality screenshots must be 1920x1080

  • Submit all work in the #homework tab under the Environment Channel in Discord. Pin your post for review!


  1. Can I use any 3d Program?
    You can use any program or combination of programs to make your project.

  2. Can I use existing concept art?
    No, this must be your own creation. You can be ‘inspired’ by existing work but we are looking at creativity here as one of the judging points.

  3. Can I submit several entries?
    No, since time is limited put your best effort into one p

  4. What if I have questions about the challenge that aren’t answered here?
    Feel free to ask any questions in our Discord channel!

GSO Lighting Challenge #01

Living In Space

DEADLINE is DECEMBER 31st, 2017 @ 11:30 PM PST


Welcome to GSO’s first ever lighting art challenge! This art challenge is all about lighting- simply take an environment and complete a lighting pass on it!. Because lighting artists focus on lighting and rendering, you should not spend time creating new environment art, instead the goal is for participants to take a scene that already exists and relight it yourself from scratch. The theme is “living in space”. You’ll be required to use an environment available for free from the Unreal Launcher, the “SciFi Bunk” environment by Liam Tart.



So here’s the deal- you’ve been brought on as a lighting artist for a game level, and you’ll be responsible for all of the lighting and final look of the environment. Your responsibilities include lighting, optimization, look development, and final polish.



If you don’t stick to the rules, your entry will be disqualified:

  • Do not create any environment art or meshes, only use what is provided in the project

  • Do not add new textures to materials on static meshes (textures related to lighting are ok, such as those used with light functions, IES profiles, etc.)

  • You are allowed to change the albedo value and hue of materials on static meshes, but you’re not allowed to change anything else (i.e. you can make a dark wall lighter to help with bounce lighting, but you cannot change the actual texture, normal map, decal, etc.)

  • You’re free to use either static lighting, dynamic lighting, or a combination of the two

Judging Criteria

All entries will be reviewed by Leo Gonzalez, GSO’s resident lighting instructor. Your entry will be judged on the following:

  • Mood, atmosphere, storytelling, and personality

  • Technical achievement (did you use clever tricks to achieve a goal or manipulate final rendering?)

  • Artistic achievement

  • Quality of shadows, baked lighting, post processing, etc.

  • Impact of lighting on performance

Responsibilities of the Lighting Artist

  • Use lighting to set a mood, or even tell a story- make the viewer feel something on first read of your scene

  • You are allowed to edit or even add a new skybox in any way you see fit

  • You are free to edit or manipulate vista elements in the background, if you see fit

  • You’re a games lighting artist, so make sure that your lighting setup is performant- use profiling tools and performance view modes to keep lighting performance in check!

  • Post processing

  • Tone mapping

  • Color grading

  • Environment fog


  • 2 screenshots of your entry showing final polished lighting; choose only the two BEST screenshots to submit, they should have good composition! Final high quality screenshots must be 1920x1080

  • Breakdown screenshots from the Unreal Editor viewport, of the following viewmodes:
    (all breakdown screenshots should be of the same camera position and angle)

    • Lighting Only

    • Detail Lighting

    • Light Complexity

    • Lightmap Density

    • Stationary Light Overlap

    • Submit all work in the #homework tab under the Lighting Channel in Discord. Pin your post for review!


  1. Can I use static or dynamic lighting?
    You can use any lighting method you’d like.

  2. Can I change or add my own skybox and vista elements into the environment?
    Yes, many times lighting artists are responsible for skyboxes, due to their effect on overall lighting.

  3. Can I submit several different lighting setups, like a warm version, a cool version, etc.?
    No, you are only allowed to submit one entry for the challenge, so choose your best lighting pass!

  4. What if I have questions about the challenge that aren’t answered here?
    Feel free to ask any questions in our Discord channel!

Winter Registration 2018 Begins!


Open Enrollment Starts Now


The wait is over, the first batch of enrollment is now available for (LT_001, EA_101, and UE_101). This is the first window open and will remain open for the week. So do not hesitate and sign up now with your friends! 

It's important to note that these are the beginner courses that all students have to take to advance to other courses. 

All Courses Start.jpg

Advancing Students...

Students who have taken the beginning courses and are looking to advance to LT_101, LT_102, EA_102, EA_103 should know the rules by now. Only students that are approved by Scholars can either move forward or asked to repeat courses.

Submissions should be made in the #homework channel in the respective disciplines (environment, lighting, and unreal) and pinned by the student for Scholar review. An email will be sent out on January 7th to notify students that will be advancing or asked to repeat the beginner courses.

What should be pinned? Students should pin all homework assignment images or final renders to qualify. Deadline to submit has to be made before January 1st to qualify for the Winter Semester.


By becoming a member or pro member you will have regular access to Scholar sessions for the month as well as access to all the Episodes in the GSO Vault. These are the upcoming sessions for the week.


Reserve a Scholar Now!

Need advice? Like a personal coach of some kind to help you with your work and accelerate your learning? How bout from industry professionals that has worked on the biggest franchises and huge companies like Naughty Dog, Sledgehammer Games, Epic Games, 343 Industries, Bungie, and Monolith Games? If that's the case, check out our growing list of Scholars who are mentoring students right now!