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GSO Newsletter #3

Student Highlights: Ian McDonell

An Environment Artist that has been with GSO since the beginning. He's an inspiring student that have been able to absorb and perform at a level of excellence. Check out some of his work on Artstation!

GSO Live Schedule for the Week!


Always a perfect time to become a member. If you are thinking or curious about becoming a member for July, then please click to sign up now. Otherwise your sessions won't begin until August. 

Free Recorded Sessions Streaming Live this Week!

The Lighting Critique Session with Thomas Wright will be streaming live on our FacebookTwitter, and Youtube. Be sure to follow us on your preferred social network for that and other weekly goodies. 

New Game Dev Unchained Podcast Episode with God of War Character Artist!

Give this a listen during your commute :)

GSO Monday Newsletter 6/11

Introducing GSO TV Weekly Episodes on Fridays @8AM PST! For GSO weekly news and updates join us live anywhere on our social channels to watch live.

If you can't join us live for our GSO Weekly News Updates, the recording will be view able on all our social channels. Of course, everything we cover on Monday will be shared with you with our Monday's Newsletter completed with links and photos for your weekly consumption. 

GSO Live Schedule

Members are meeting with industry professionals Scholars all month for personalized training. Here's what the schedule is looking for this week. All live and recording can be view able on our Patreon. To look at the schedule and potential free live sessions, check it out here at our GSO Live Page.

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New Scholars!

  Josh Powers has an extensive resume and currently works for Quixel. he will help with Weapon/Vehicle students to achieve major success! Check out his amazing work  here !

Josh Powers has an extensive resume and currently works for Quixel. he will help with Weapon/Vehicle students to achieve major success! Check out his amazing work here!

  Thomnas Wright is our new Scholar and has worked at Epic and Naughty Dog on amazing franchises like Fortnite and the Uncharted Franchise. Check out his past work  here .

Thomnas Wright is our new Scholar and has worked at Epic and Naughty Dog on amazing franchises like Fortnite and the Uncharted Franchise. Check out his past work here.

If you want to talk to our Scholars and have a expedited personal training to reach your goals become a Member!

GSO Workshop

A great school isn't without great students. So today, we want to share what a group of self-motivated students can produce within a month. To give a backstory, the Unreal Curriculum is currently waiting to be unlocked and the Crash Course is the first course to be available in GSO. The goal for the Unreal Curriculum is to combine all the disciplines together to create a game with all the students and scholars together. While that is in waiting...determined students have gotten together and have taken a first bold step towards realizing spirit of GSO! Below are screenshots and videos of what the students of GSO Workshop was able to bring together. 

Student Success Stories!

Shawn Booth is starting his first game industry job at Avalanche Studios. Always the persistent and disciplined modeled student, Shawn has always pushed himself and others within Discord to achieve success. So we all all really proud that he was able to land his Lighting Artist role as a professional and we wish him continuing climb to greatness!

Be sure to check out his work or hit him up on Discord at booth!

Game School Online™ Announces Winter Enrollment Open Through December



Los Angeles, CA - December 2017

Free Winter Term Enrollment!

Free Winter Enrollment:

Game School Online™, the first and only free online game development school of its kind, has opened enrollment for the winter term, which begins in January of 2018. GSO™ currently offers curricula in environment art and lighting for games, focusing specifically on Unreal Engine 4. GSO™ will be adding two new courses for the winter term, “Advanced Lighting Concepts with Unreal Engine 4” and “Advanced Hard Surface Modeling.”

Free Workshop!


December Free Workshop:

In addition to winter enrollment, GSO™ will have a free online workshop, “Animating For Games and Movies”, with Veara Suon, Senior Animator at Double Negative. Veara has worked in the AAA games industry, working on franchises like Destiny and Bioshock. Veara also works in the film industry, having worked for famed studios like Weta, ILM, and Sony, contributing to films like Pacific Rim 2, Spiderman, and Avengers. In this month’s free GSO™ workshop, Veara will be discussing topics such as:

  • Sharing techniques on how he animates for games and film

  • Advice on how students can get a job in games or film

  • Advice on how working professionals can switch from games to film, and vice versa

  • Job relocation

The workshop will last for an hour, with allocated time for Q & A from the audience. The workshop will take place on December 14 at 8pm PST. As usual, our monthly workshops are absolutely free and anyone is welcomed to join us. To RSVP, please visit our Facebook page here:

Scholars Available For Mentoring!

Scholar Lineup:

Scholars are our mentors, working industry professionals currently working on your favorite games and franchises- here to help you learn to be a professional game dev, with one on one live private sessions. Our current lineup of scholars includes:


We believe that education should be free for everyone! Come join us at Game School Online™ and see what the future of game development education looks like today! For more information about Game School Online™, available courses, scholars, and events, please visit


Twitter: @GSOscholar



About Game School Online™ (GSO™)

Game School Online™ is the first ever, completely free game development training program. GSO™ was founded by veteran developers working in the AAA games and entertainment industries. Featuring courses authored by working industry professionals, students are able to learn production techniques and workflows used to ship some of the biggest IPs and AAA franchises. Industry pros known as “scholars”, work with students providing private live sessions to help you become “industry” ready. All courses are available for free, no trials or demos- it’s completely free for anyone that wants to learn how to become a skilled game developer. For more information, please visit our website:

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